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Tobias Reiter

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Founder and managing director
DI Thomas Reiter


Familiar with agricultural technology since childhood

My grandfather had a pronounced, inventive mind.

This gift was apparently handed down to me.



Technical college HTL Steyr, study of mechanical engineering at the university of technology in Graz

Many formative experiences abroad

22 years of experience in agricultural technology

Hereof 15 years in leading position at the agricultural specialist Pöttinger


Founding of RT Engineering Ltd in 2014

Since then development of revolutionary technology




The journey to this innovation has started ten years ago.


Thousands of customer interactions, discussions, ideas and thoughts prepared the soil for the new seed.


The requirement right from the beginning: less forage contamination and less foreign objects and stones should be raked into the swath.


The vision captured shape in form of a new flexible pick-up system with small diameter.


A system of skids is guiding the pick-up drum precisely above ground.

Soil contact of the pick-up tines can thus be limited to a very low level.


The small six row camless pick-up is lifting every stem of fodder in a very gentle way. The rotor ensures perfect continuity of crop transport. The fodder is forming this way a fluffy, uniform swath without twisted portions of grass.


The vision has become true

Teamspirit & Partnership

Today our young team is working with full dedication on the step by step development of the product range. The journey for sure is still a long one and will be challenging, but we have great joy to contribute with this basic innovation to the world of harvesting technology in a substantial way.

Manufacturing and assembly are effected in cooperation with company Einböck in Dorf an der Pram.

Beyond that we foster a wide network of farmers, contractors, big farm businesses, experts and scientists. It is a priority for us to be strongly rooted in practical experience and theoretical knowledge as well.


We are looking forward to your response !



We are glad to hear form you personally.

Thomas Reiter


Managing director




Reiter - Innovative Technology

Eben 5a

A-4716 Hofkirchen



Einböck GmbH & CoKG

Schatzdorf 7 
A-4751 Dorf an der Pram