The new pick-up technology II

The radical new approach:


small, flexible, camless pick-up with rotor

RT Engineering Ldt




big, cam-controlled pick-up without rotor

other brands

Summary of arguments:


  1. Pick-up flexible, camless, maintenance-free, crop caring = slow speed of tines, very small diameter and nevertheless using six rows of tines, high possible working speed.

  2. Gentle crop transport to  the rotor, due to low rotational speed of pick-up the grass does not fly of  the pick-up drum.

  3. Rotor ensures perfect function of camless pick-up also under very heavy conditions. Ideal crop flow, best utilisation of belt width, high performance.

  4. Excellent crop flow in the transition area to  the belt, also downhill and on the contour line, secure transport.

  5. The transport volume of  the belt can be utilised to  the maximum. Excellent swath quality due to slow motion of belt.

  6. Skids for ideal guidance of pick-up tines, ideal ground hugging, reduction of peak forces due to elasticity of pick-up system.


Customer benefits and differentiation:

The new development embraces a totally new technology and has the following outstanding features:


  1. Clean crop by means of unique ground hugging with flexible pick-up: less soil contamination of the forage, resulting in better fodder quality and thus higher milk productions (higher return for farmer).

  2. Less leave losses due to reduced speed of tines and small diameter of pick-up: this results in turn in better fodder quality and higher milk yield.

  3. Less stones in  the swath due to small pick-up diameter and gentle tine characteristic: This reduces the wear of harvesting machines and offers a great benefit for animals as stones an foreign objects are not entering the rumen, possibly causing injuries or major problems.

  4. Higher productivity with higher working speeds

  5. Higher flexibility in the field because of centre and side delivery in one machine: This new technology unifies two rotary rakes, a side delivery and a centre delivery machine as well.

  6. Higher productivity of following harvesting chain: ideal swath size and mass under all harvesting conditions.

  7. Bigger working width with single elements possible – because of elasticity of pick-up: Resulting in a substantially simpler system and less weight and cost.

  8. Alternative use for turning swaths to enhance the quality of forage




Voice of  the customer:

“High level of working quality with high working speed.”

“Molehills are not raked into the swath.”

“With the front machine we do not run on top of the grass.”

“Uniform, fluffy swath => ideal for selfpropelled forage harvester, loader wagon, baler"

“Best flexibility for ideal swath size with any given field yield.”

“substantial reduction of crop contamination”

“At the dosing rollers we hear no stones anymore.”

“Very compact in transport.”

“Compared to this technology, the rotary rake looks rather old fashioned.“

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