Respiro R3 profi_Kleegras
Luzerne_R3 compact 700 (2)
Luzerne_R3 compact 700 (1)
Respiro R3 profi_Kleegras (2)
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Respiro R9 Arbeitseinheiten (1)
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Respiro R9 Futterfluss (2)
Respiro R9 4-Radfahrwerk
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Respiro R9 Mittenablage (3)
The attractive component - pick-up and rotor



​…will this new component possibly upgrade your baler, loaderwagon or selfpropelled forage harverster in the near future ?

Why should we rake soil particles and molehills into the swath when the new technology allows to leave it behind? A good question, right?

The flexible pick-up makes this possible. The raking horizon is not straight but a curve. The pick-up arch is hugging the ground in an ideal way. To do it better is almost impossible.

Less wear for balers, loaderwagons and selfpropelled forage harvesters. The suspicion is that some major manufacturers have no particular interest in this reduction in wear – for to good is the gross margin in the after sales area. But who pays the bill ?

It 's time for the new technology to get on track …

Reiter - Innovative Technology builds itself no round balers, no loading wagons and certainly no choppers. But we would be pleased to offer the innovative component for your product.

True partnership is vital for any cooperation - for us partnership has still the value conveyed in the root of the word. We seek fair win-win situations.

We are prepared to talk about licensing the component. Please contact us at

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thomas Reiter


Managing director