The technology that convinces:

 ✔   Pick-up diameter 330 mm - very small, ideal for short, heavy forage
 ✔   6-rows of tines for perfect & gentle feeding
 ✔   Anti-loss system, 1 screw = 6 tines, safe through the harvest
 ✔   Elastic pick-up for best ground hugging
 ✔   Swath roller keeps good flow against pick-up, thus ideal flow
 ✔   Uncontrolled pick-up; maintenance-free & low-wear
 ✔   Trailing pick-up tines leave stones behind
 ✔   Low pick-up speed - gentle for alfalfa
 ✔   Freely rotating gliding discs; perfect pick-up lead over ground
 ✔   Rotor ensures perfect flow & perfect function of the cameless pick-up
 ✔   Rotor ensures high performance, flow is directed to belt
 ✔   Small pick-up and rotor deliver fluffy and even windrow:
       ideal for any harvesting machine